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A 100 % Lorraine Production

Raw materials

All the Rozelieures whiskies are single malt, which means that they are produced from a single malt and only from malted barley (without raw grains). The distillery uses peaty malts (6 - 12 - 20 - 45 ppm of phenol). The distillery sets up a traceability method with the agricultural cooperative of Lorraine to guarantee the Lorraine origin of barley.
We are also cereal producers and we cultivate varieties of barley with malt on the domain.


Our Distillery

The grinding of the malt, the soaking and the extraction of the sweet juice then the fermentation are realized in Rozelieures. The distillation of the obtained must is made in 2 passages.
The distillery of Rozelieures uses Charentais pot stills. A double distillation is applied to all our whiskies.

La distillerie

A discovery visit : whirl of sensations !
To allow you a better understanding of our spirit as innovating distiller producer, we organize visits for individuals and groups. The sound and light show in the distillery, unique journey through time and space, is an invitation to discover the other aspect of our establishment : the Mirabelle plum.

La distillerie scénographie


The ageing

The distillery chose casks from various origins : 
- the USA: Kentucky (barrels of bourbon) 
- Spain: Xérés (barrels of fino, Olorosso, and Pedro Ximenez) 
- France Burgundy (vosnes romanée) 
- France valley of the rhône (white St Joseph and condrieu) 
- South East France (banyuls) 
- Southwest France (Armagnac, sauternes...) 

All of these places of ageing coupled with types of barrels from different origins provide the Cellar Master with an almost infinite range of aromas; just like a perfumer with his perfume organ. 

The ageing of the whisky of Rozelieures is made in 3 distinctive wine storehouses

- WINE STOREHOUSE 1: "the attic of the distillery ": a strong thermal amplitude between winter and summer. A "DRY" atmosphere which produces a complex and rich whisky. These thermal shocks give youngish whiskies the properties of old whiskies.
- WINE STOREHOUSE 2 : "the cellar of the sheepfold ": an almost constant temperature and high hygrometry allow a long ageing process to produce a fine and delicate whisky.
- WINE STOREHOUSE 3 : "Fort Pelissier" in Pont-Saint-Vincent // Bainville sur Madon: higher altitude (a magnificent point of view) with the aim of perpetuating our historical heritage. The atmosphere of vaulted rooms and flint stone is drier than the sheepfold cellar, and produces a very well-balanced and supple whisky.

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History of the fort  

1878-1881 : Construction of Fort Pélissier by a civil company from Mirecourt. Blocking an important crossing point on the Moselle, the Fort establishes the last bolt at the back of the defence zone of the Grand Couronné of Nancy.
1882-1914 : the Fort is constantly modernized and occupied by various regiments (146th Regiment of Artillery, then the 6th Regiment of Artillery which will be completed by the 169th Regiment of Infantry).
1915 : installation of deposits of American equipments.
1943 : the German army retrieves turrets and usable artillery equipement.