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Grallet-Dupic familly

Know-how and experience

In the Grallet-Dupic family, we have been cultivators for 5 generations and innovative distillers for 150 years.
We master the raw material necessary to the production of our whisky because we cultivate our barley and we make the fermentation of the malt by ourselves. In addition, we are the only distillery in France to work with peaty malts.

Our Values

Our human-sized company distinguishes itself by its pride and its will to create a product which has its clean identity, "made in France", to look for an aromatic product according to the type of malt (more or less peaty)  and various types of casks for a complete and varied range.

We are committed to give the possibility to the visitors to enjoy our whiskies during tasting sessions and to surprise them with a peaty whisky with character but nevertheless round and soft.

familly story : Grallet Dupic

Our Single Malt Whisky, intense and peaty

Our Single Malt Whisky, intense and peaty