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Single Malt Whisky G.Rozelieures Smoky Collection 70cl View full size

Single Malt Whisky G.Rozelieures Smoky Collection 70cl

A peaty smoked whisky (20ppm-phenol malt), very aromatic, beautiful final note, woody taste perfectly combined with the Fino's over-matured cereal and fruits, lightly mineral. Delivered at 46 % for the connoisseurs.


Alcohol: 46 %

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53,00 €

Single malt whisky.
New in 2013, brown , whisky tourbé, smoked by exception,
Picture: beautiful color amber
Nose: spice, smoked, tourbé
Mouth: beautiful length, curvature, very aromatic, very beautiful final, smoked then tourbé

A simple and typical naming: G.ROZELIEURES 

- the initial G. of the GRALLET family.
- and ROZELIEURES, a small 160-inhabitant town located in Lorraine between Nancy, Epinal and Lunéville. Above all, it is the place where the family distillery has been implanted since 1890. It is famous for the production of the Lorraine mirabelle plum eau-de-vie, and known under the name of Maison de la Mirabelle

The name G.ROZELIEURES is completed by the naming 'WHISKY OF LORRAINE' to specify the place of distillation and ageing of the whisky.